Monday, September 27, 2010

the beginnings or somesuch.

The Church of the Infinite was originally started as a name for our rather simple distribution of our otherwise incredibly fine musical products.

The original release was Donuts Inc. Either Fistful of Donuts or Dinc, hard to tell as I have no original cassette copies of either to check :)

"Fistful of Donuts" was actually the third release, following "Dinc", and following the amazingly special release "Jesus ate my Donut" - which may have had only one official copy (given to someone to arrange an early gig or possibly our first Tasmanian tour (a roaring success, all two gigs of it !!).

"Jesus ate my Donut" was resurrected and mass produced by two of the members only to receive great negative outpourings from our esteemed bassist - this then changed the title to "The First violation of Booby" (we did have 50 cassettes of it).

First Post

welcome to the Church Of The Infinite blog.

here shall be posted stuff !!!