Saturday, January 15, 2011

work in progress

In the meantime, another track in progress.
This is an extended work (8'40" i think), with a Dub style feeling and repetitive vibes of psychedelic goodness.

the vale of foxes, being a potential successor to Fluffy T.Bunny who has come to the end of their memetime ...

the future ...

At the moment there are a number of tracks la Fluffy T. Bunny in the mastering studios.
When compleat they shall become a publicly released selection possibly entitled
The Longest Desire
A Mystified Silence
or something else entirely..

Fluffy T. Bunny is responsible for quite a backlog of music, and there is some movement in polishing up an amount for public release. These tracks in mastering date back from several years ago, and are great however much they have been unloved :(