Saturday, September 29, 2012

new release. occasional droplets of fluffy t bunny.

tis a sad truth that the artist known as fluffy t bunny has a myriad, a panoply, a plethora of unfinished tracks just sitting quietly on his hard drives :(

so in the spirit of actually doing something !! fluffy t has incredibly gotten around to finalising a bunch and releasing them !!

the album, "occasional droplets of fluffy t bunny" is a collection of vaguely related material now available through bandcamp.

the tracks themselves are a variety of noisy pop, serious art, and shoegazing electro !!

the album is available as a discrete unit for $7 OR you can download individual tracks for nowt !! that is $0 !!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

breaking into the software world.

Church of the Infinite is infinitely excited to mention that Edward Kelly is finally getting around to release Totally Modular !!!

Totally Modular was designed as signal modulator, comprised of a number of modular components joined together via virtual cables.
think of a modular synth with a bunch of modules and a bigger bunch of cables to join it all together.

it was inspired by Morton Subotnick's work with ghost boxes, stand alone modules remotely controlled by tape that modulated incoming audio signals - generally accoustic instruments microphoned up.

Totally Modular is currently available for testing and has a facebook page with more info at

download the stand-alone OSX app at