Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Monotribe Sequencer

The Korg Monotribe is a nice little piece of kit, and while hands on tweaking is awesome - it's also annoying when working alone and also with the limited workspace of the monotribe..

So we've been enjoying working on a simple stand alone MIDI sequencer for it.

The initial design specs were step based loop sequence with different windows for each note parameter.
These were strongly influenced by Cycling '74 awesome VERY OLD software M. This software played a strong sequencing role in many early Church releases.

This album features M tied to a Yamaha RX-7 for all sequencing duties.
Gone Soft LP, as performed by Captains of Industry.

The new Monotribe Sequencer is coming along nicely, with every new version revealing new ideas for expansion. It currently features at least 11 indidvidually looped sequencers for both melodic information and knob/parameter control.

Above is a preview of it's "current" layout, featuring serious lack of concern in total aesthetic design. lol ..

And here are a couple of examples of potential output.




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